Two Conveyored Design


Two Conveyored Design is a new approach to streamlining production operations. It combines two conveyor systems into one, saving time and money while reducing the need for manual labor. This type of setup allows for smoother job transitions from one area to another. And besides, it provides more safety and accuracy in the production process.

Using Two Conveyored Design eliminates extra steps in production cycles, making it easier to manage inventory levels and monitor progress on different tasks. The design also facilitates higher-volume throughputs and helps eliminate waste by ensuring proper product sequencing. Additionally, this method can be tailored to fit any size budget or timeline, making it ideal for businesses of any size. 

Eliminating manual labor requirements with Two Conveyored Design : Is just one more way that businesses are looking towards automation solutions in order to increase efficiency and maximize profits.

SEMIX’s Mobile 60V Concrete Batching plants are equipped with two conveyors. Having a weighing conveyor and the transfer conveyor at the same time provides higher capacity because of its’ rapidness.

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Transfer Conveyor

Transfer conveyors are a critical component of many industrial processes. This type of special purpose conveyor is designed to move items such as boxes, packages .. And pallets from one area to another. With its simple design and adjustable speeds. Transfer conveyors, it offers efficient movement and transportation for businesses in a wide variety of industries. For example manufacturing, food service, pharmaceuticals and more.

Transfer conveyors come in several varieties in order to meet the needs of various applications. They can be powered by gravity rollers or driven rollers depending on how heavy the items being transported are. Chain-driven transfer conveyors provide a reliable solution that ensures objects moved along the line remain secure until they reach their destination. Additionally, these types of systems can be easily integrated into existing production lines or built as stand-alone units depending on space requirements.

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