Abrasion is the process of wearing away a surface by rubbing or scraping. It can be caused by natural forces such as wind, water and ice, or it can be man-made. Abrasion affects everything from rocks to our clothing. And understanding how it works is important for protecting both the environment and our belongings. 

Abrasion in nature occurs when particles within a medium – like soil or rock – are moved around due to friction from wind, waves or running water. The particles act like tiny sandpaper that wears down surfaces over time. Depending on what type of material is being eroded, this process can take millions of years to produce visible results. 

Man-made abrasion often occurs when something rubs against another item repeatedly with enough force to cause damage.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is an important quality of materials used in many applications where surfaces rub together. Whether it’s industrial, automotive, or even daily wear-and-tear items, abrasion resistance helps ensure the longevity of these products. A material that has a higher abrasion resistance rating will experience less damage over time due to contact with other surfaces and objects. Therefore, engineers
they choose materials with high degrees of wear. For projects that will be subject to high levels of friction and wear.


Understanding how different materials react when rubbed together can help engineers determine which ones are best suited for the job at hand. Materials such as polyurethane or rubber offer increased abrasion resistance compared to metals and non-treated cloths and fibers.


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