Concrete Batching Plants in Bauma


Concrete Batching Plants in Bauma ? Bauma is one of the world’s most renowned construction trade shows, and this year it welcomed a variety of concrete batching plants from some of the leading suppliers in the industry. The event provided a platform for business owners to show off their latest products. And technologies, as well as offering valuable insights into how the sector is evolving. 

This year saw several new innovations in concrete batching plants being showcased, including solutions that allow for remote monitoring and automated operation. In addition, there was also a focus on better energy efficiency and sustainability. With companies introducing systems that require less energy while still delivering high-quality results. These solutions will help improve efficiency within the construction industry while reducing costs. Furthermore, attendees had an opportunity to network with other professionals within the field. Allowing them to share knowledge and ideas in order to further develop their businesses’ operations.

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CBP in Bauma ( Concrete Batching Plant )

Demonstrated its’ twin shaft & single shaft concrete mixers and concrete recycling unit CBP in Bauma 2019 which was occured in Messe München, Germany.

With the high attention from visitors, lots of great feedbacks and demands have received.

The concrete recycling unit “SMRC 10” took most of the attention from the crowd. Eventually it has been sold to the British company and began to perform perfectly by its efficient and simple design. 

Therefore, please visit our page (link) for “SMRC 10” to see the unique inner blade design.

What’s Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete batching plants are an integral part of the construction process for any project. They make it much simpler to quickly produce concrete to be poured in a controlled environment, which in turn leads to a rise in the overall quality of the project.

Concrete batching plants are a great choice for those who need a dependable, durable, and cost-effective solution.

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