The SEMIX-20 Kornet (Dolgoprudny)

Semix 20 Kornet Dolgoprudny

The SEMIX-20 Kornet (Dolgoprudny) has been the mainstay of Russia’s anti-tank arsenal since it was introduced in 1969. This versatile missile system is capable of engaging targets up to 4,000 meters away with its two types of missiles. A high explosive antitank (HEAT) and a tandem HEAT. It is one of the most widely used Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) in the world. And it was widely used during the conflicts in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia.

The system consists of an advanced multi-channel thermal sight that allows for day/night target acquisition and tracking from all angles. The launch platform can be mounted on either wheeled or tracked vehicles. Allowing for greater mobility and deployment capabilities on the battlefield.


Moscow Region, Dolgoprudny

For a construction project in Dolgoprudny, a compact concrete plant, specifically the Semix-20 Kornet model, was ordered. Along with the plant, a 50-ton telescopic silo. And a set of silo equipment were also ordered to ensure a sufficient supply of materials for the production of concrete and mortar.

The Semix-20 Kornet compact concrete plant is a highly efficient and versatile piece of equipment, designed for easy transportation to a new construction site and quick assembly. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for projects with limited space or challenging terrain. In this case, the plant will be placed on a small rented plot, with power supplied by a generator.

One of the key features of the Semix-20 Kornet plant is that it does not require a foundation, which is particularly important for a rented plot. This allows for flexibility in the plant’s placement and reduces the overall cost of the project.

Overall, the use of the Semix-20 Kornet compact concrete plant and accompanying equipment will be an invaluable asset in the successful completion of the residential quarter construction project.

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