Semix 120 Major is a new stationary concrete batching plant in Nizhny Novgorod. This power plant
was established recently to provide the local construction industry with a high quality concrete . So and concrete mix. The plant is a set of equipment for the production of cement silos, allowing it to produce a large volume of concrete efficiently.

In preparation for the winter season. Heating registers to ensure optimal production conditions. So and to prevent any disruption in the supply of concrete to customers. The plant to help meet the increasing demand for concrete in the region.

The establishment of the Semix 120 Major plant is a strategic move by the company to expand its operations and to solidify its position as a leading supplier of concrete in the region. High-quality products and services. So and to continuously improving its production processes.

Project features

The Semix 120 Major concrete plant is a modern facility that has been equipped with the latest technology. And equipment for the production of high-quality concrete and concrete mix. So and to make a significant contribution to the local construction industry.

To ensure optimal production conditions and to prevent any disruptions in the supply of concrete to customers. These features will allow the plant to maintain a stable.

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