SM9 Concrete Mixer


The SM9 Concrete Mixer is an essential tool for construction companies, contractors and DIYers. This mixer provides the perfect blend of time-saving convenience, durability and portability. It has a powerful 2HP electric motor that offers up to 18RPM for fast mixing results. And a heavy-duty steel drum for years of reliable use. The exclusive triple action agitator ensures thorough material blending while its large 10 cubic feet capacity easily handles multiple batches of concrete or mortar mixes at once. Setup is quick and easy with the SM9’s lightweight design, foldable handlebars. And adjustable wheels allowing you to move it around without any hassle. 

To top off this amazing machine, it’s powered by two GFCI protected outlets that are designed to prevent accidental shock when using in wet environments.


Two GFCI Protected Outlets for Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer can be a dangerous piece of equipment, as it carries the possibility of electric shock. To help mitigate this risk and ensure safety. Two GFCI-protected outlets should be installed in any location where a concrete mixer is used. 

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and it works by monitoring the flow of electricity within an electrical circuit. If an imbalance or disruption is detected – such as when someone comes into contact with water. While using an electrical appliance – the GFCI will immediately shut off the power to that particular circuit. By installing two separate GFCI-protected outlets for your concrete mixer. You’re providing extra protection against potential hazards caused by sudden power surges or outages. 

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