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Silo equipments are essential for storing and handling bulk materials, from grains to cement. As a result, the design and quality of these pieces of equipment is critical in many industries such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

Silo equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small hoppers to large bulk storage containers. Accessories for silos can include aeration systems, level indicators, temperature monitoring devices. And safety features such as alarms and anti-collapse mechanisms. High-quality silo accessories offer additional benefits such as improved material flow control, reliable dust collection systems or even automated dosing solutions. Furthermore, they help ensure that stored materials remain safe while improving efficiency during handling operations. 

Choosing the right silo equipments and accessories are important considerations when planning efficient material handling processes in any industry.

Accessories for silos can include aeration systems

Silo equipments are essential for the efficient storage of grain and other materials. Aeration systems are a common type of accessories used to maintain the condition of silos and improve their overall performance. The system is designed to regulate airflow inside the silo, helping to prevent condensation, mold growth, and other issues that can lead to instability in stored items.

Aeration systems typically include an air blower unit and ducting with diffusion outlets. These outlets spread air through all levels of the silo, providing consistent ventilation throughout the entire storage space. This helps keep temperatures even and prevents damage caused by moisture buildup or excess heat. It also ensures greater product longevity by removing any potential pockets of dampness or humidity that could cause molding or spoilage over time.


36 m³ Horizontal Cement Silo

36 m Horizontal Cement Silo is a great choice for storing large amounts of cement and other materials. This type of silo is made with heavy-duty steel construction to ensure durability and long-lasting use. It provides superior strength, allowing it to hold up to 15,000 tons of material in one single unit. With its advanced design, the 36 m Horizontal Cement Silo offers maximum storage capacity and easy access for maintenance purposes.

The 36 m horizontal cement silo also features a wide variety of options that allow users to customize the size and shape of their storage needs. Its adjustable height allows users to fit the silo into virtually any environment while its fully automated operation ensures minimal downtime when transferring material from one location to another. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, making it an ideal choice for many industrial settings.

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