Pull-Rope Switch


What’s Pull-Rope Switch?

The pull-rope switch is an easy and efficient way to switch between two tracks. It is a great choice for a small layout, and it can be used with any type of concrete mixers. I highly recommend using this switch if you are looking to add a little more excitement to your truck mixers.


What are Truck Mixers?

For those who might not know, a truck mixer is a vehicle that carries more than one product. It can also carry a variety of products for different industries, such as construction and landscaping.

A. Definition

Truck mixers are mechanical apparatus that mixes materials such as asphalt, concrete, gravel, and other construction materials. Mixing is usually done near the end of a construction project or to repair damaged roads. The truck mixer usually includes one or more revolving drums that are mounted on the bed of a truck with an engine at the front. 

The drums can be vertical or horizontal depending on what can be carried in the truck’s bed.

B. Process

Truck mixers are used by construction and other equipment operators to process aggregates, such as sand and gravel, for use in construction projects. Truck mixers come in two varieties: stationary and portable. Stationary mixers require a foundation and can weigh up to 250 tons while portable mixers can be moved anywhere on the site and weigh up to 15 tons.

Uses for Truck Mixers

Truck mixers are often used to apply the premixed concrete mixture to the ground for a smooth finish. The truck mixer is fitted with a large drum and levers, or control sticks, for the operator to manipulate. Truck mixers come in several different sizes to meet the needs of any job.

A. Construction

Utilizing a truck mixer to add cement to a building project is very common in many construction companies. A truck mixer is used for the same purpose as a cement mixer but on a larger scale. The materials are mixed together while being poured out of a large container. Truck mixers use the same motor and machinery as traditional mixers, so there’s no need for an additional motor or a gas engine for power.

B. Manufacturing

Firstly, since the first trucks were manufactured, they have been used to move products and people from one place to another. Truck mixers were first introduced in the early 20th century and have evolved through time with changes in technology and materials. Secondly, truck mixers are still a key part of many manufacturing companies. Truck mixers can be used for transporting heavy building materials including concrete, dirt, gravel, stone, and more which is essential for construction projects.

C. Transportation

Concrete is most commonly mixed in trucks that hold one or two cubic yards of concrete. Finally, mixers are typically shared by various work crews during the day, and each truck goes through about 5-6 loads of concrete every two hours. In conclusion, a single mixing operation takes about 20 minutes to complete.

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