Mobile 60 V


The Mobile 60 V provides an excellent way to improve productivity on the job site. The machine is lightweight and versatile, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. With a few simple attachments, the Mobile 60 V can be used for everything from concrete work to landscaping. In conclusion, operator comfort and safety are also top priorities on this machine, making it a great choice for anyone in the market for a new mini excavator.

Mobile concrete batching plants are lifesavers.

Concrete Batching Plants offer in every range according to need. Any solution from 30 m³/h to 240 m³/h can be achieved. Mobile concrete batching plants have award-winning patents. Therefore, trusting patented companies will be the right decision for the company.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is designed by placing all units in a concrete batching plant on a mobile chassis with axles and wheels behind it.

Finally, you can transport those plants to where you need them by using a tow truck. If the mobile concrete plants meet your needs, it is very profitable in terms of cost.

In conclusion, in-line aggregate hopper design is offered. This invention, which has a design patent, eliminates the double ramp problem and additional feed conveyor expense in mobile concrete batching plants.


High Mobility

Firstly, thanks to its high mobility and modular design, the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant can be installed mechanically within 2 days and can be transported to the desired location. Thanks to its mobility, it can be quickly disassembled and transported to another region by mobile.

Finally, when you meet with experienced engineers, special projects are produced according to your construction site. Click to visit a sample mobile concrete batching plant. If you are wondering what a concrete plant is, you can read this article.

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