Mobile 160S4

The Mobile 160S4 can be used in concrete mixers with no issues. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, and its small size makes it perfect for use in concrete mixers. With its simple controls and low cost of ownership, the Mobile 160S4 is a great choice for any business that needs a reliable and affordable concrete mixer. 

SEMIX is continuing its’ neverending innovations with Mobile 160S4 Concrete Batching Plants. Discover the biggest mobile concrete batching plant with unique 4 axled design.

What’s CBP?

Concrete batching plants are not difficult to understand.

Concrete is widely used in almost all construction sites. It is used more in areas covered with sand, gravel, and stone. Because concrete comes out with a mixture of these materials, such as water and cement.

They are for ready-mix production. In all types of concrete batching plants, these materials are brought together, transported to where it is needed, and mixed. 

The places where these machines are combined. The combination is called “concrete batching plants“.

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They are consist of many parts and are complex structures that require experience. Consider the money when choosing a plant. But not every cheap plant can meet your needs. A concrete plant that does not meet your needs may cost you much more than your expectation.


So what components do concrete batching plants consist of?

The plant produces ready-mixed concrete by mixing the necessary materials.

When you decide to buy a concrete plant, it is absolutely necessary to research a good price. It is necessary to obtain detailed information about all components such as the quality of the material used, the adequacy of the automation systems and employee brands, belt quality, bunker quality while conducting price research.

In addition, the capacity of the power plant you will buy will also affect your cost. A concrete batching plant that exceeds your working capacity or is low may adversely affect your construction, the area where you will pour concrete, and your speed. An over-capacity concrete plant may also cost you unnecessarily.

While applying these steps, we can assist you in choosing a concrete batching plant. If you want, you can read our articles, or you can reach us from the contact section.

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