Main Mixing Chassis


About Main Mixing Chassis

Using a Main Mixing Chassis when pouring concrete is an easy way to ensure a consistent, high-quality product. It is a helpful tool for both contractors and homeowners alike. Anyone considering pouring concrete should give this option serious consideration.

General View

The main chassis was built in compliance with international requirements with a transition height of 4,100 mm to 4,250 mm with high-quality steel components and outstanding workmanship. In conclusion, for maneuvering and filling the truck mixer with an average width of 5,000 mm, the main chassis offers great ease. A platform, handrails, and stairs are built into the main chassis ( more ).

Walkways, stairs & railings

At the mixer and at the upper weighing frame, walkways, and platform. 60 ° staircase with grating steps and railings to the mixer floor, with top landing and 60 ° grade tilt.

What’s Concrete Batching Plants?

Concrete batching plants are not difficult to understand. Concrete is widely used in almost all construction sites. It is used more in areas covered with sand, gravel, and stone. Because concrete comes out with a mixture of these materials, such as water and cement. In conclusion, they are for ready-mix production. In all types of concrete batching plants, these materials are brought together, transported to where it is needed, and mixed. 

However, The places where these machines are combined. The combination is called “concrete batching plants“.

What’s Concrete?

Concrete is just a gray, black, or white substance that covers many of the sidewalks in towns and cities. However, it is much more than that. It is a mixture of sand, gravel, crushed stone, water, and cement. The addition of these other materials to the cement makes the substance strong enough to hold up to 1,000 pounds per square inch. ( 1 )

It is a mixture of cement, sand, water, and gravel. It has many applications. The mixture can be poured into any shape like water. That makes it versatile for various construction purposes.

In conclusion, It is a composite material that is both durable and affordable. It is usually manufactured by combining water, aggregate, and cement.In conclusion, The mixture is then poured into forms to create the desired shape of the product. It is more than just a building material.

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