Discharging Gates


Discharging gates in concrete mixers can have many benefits. It can help improve the quality of the concrete, reduce the amount of water that is needed, and make the concrete easier to work with. When choosing a concrete mixer, be sure to ask about the discharge gate.

Types of Concrete Mixer

Choosing can be a difficult process. There are many factors to consider, such as the type of concrete you need to mix, how often it will be used, and where you will be placing the machine. Generally speaking, there are three types of mixers: portable, stationary, and self-contained. Each has its pros and cons depending on your application.

Single Shaft Mixer

A single shaft mixer is a machine that is used to mix and transport concrete. It is a powerful and efficient machine that can mix and transport up to 120 yards of concrete in just one hour. A single Shaft Mixer is a machine that is used to mix concrete. This machine is typically used by contractors to mix concrete for pouring. A single shaft mixer is a machine designed for the mixing of material on a large scale. It is typically mounted on a truck or trailer. It is a large, cylindrical drum on a turntable with a rotating shaft.

Twin Shaft Mixer

A twin shaft mixer is a machine that mixes the concrete. It is composed of two rotating shafts that turn independently. The two shafts are connected to a gearbox with a drive shaft. A twin shaft mixer is a type of concrete mixer that is used to mix the ingredients of concrete to form a slurry. It is most often used in construction. A twin shaft is a machine that mixes concrete, mortar, or plaster. It is usually mounted on a truck.


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Many think that the mixer is used to mix cement in order to pour it into forms for building. A concrete mixer, also known as an aggregate batching plant, can actually be used for mixing any type of dry material including sand and gravel, with the most common materials being cement, gravel, or sand. 

All of these are used when the need arises for a certain specific mixture.

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