Concrete Recycler SMRC 15


The innovative recycling solution of the SMRC 15 Concrete Recycler is revolutionizing the way concrete is reused and recycled. The machine offers a cost-effective, efficient. And eco-friendly method for demolishing concrete structures while simultaneously allowing users to recycle material onsite. This all-in-one machine can quickly break down and process existing materials into usable aggregate for future applications.

The SMRC 15 is designed with an easy to use operator’s station that controls its powerful jaw crusher, which can break down concrete up to 9 inches thick in just one pass. When combined with various attachments such as the breaker hammer for large scale demolition applications or the shear blade for more precise cutting, it becomes an even more versatile tool. The crushed material passes through a dust suppression system before being ready to be reutilized in new construction projects.

What is Concrete Recycler

Concrete recycler is a process used to repurpose concrete for reuse in construction projects. This eco-friendly practice involves breaking down existing concrete into usable raw materials, such as aggregate and sand. As a result, it reduces the amount of waste being dumped into landfills and helps conserve natural resources. 

The recycling process is straightforward: chunks of broken concrete are processed through specialized machinery, allowing them to be separated into various components. The pieces are then screened and sized before being transported for use in other construction projects. Through this process, the original material can be reused numerous times without any loss in quality or performance. 

Concrete recycler also offers environmental benefits beyond resource conservation; it helps reduce carbon emissions by providing an alternative to creating new concrete from scratch using raw materials mined from the ground.

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