What is Compact Concrete Batching Plant?

Compact concrete batching plant

Compact concrete batching plant is called the plants that are more compact instead of the standard concrete batching plants. This provides usually fits in a single container. Likewise, your company offers ready-mixed concrete by mixing and transporting concrete components such as sand, gravel, water, and cement.

Compact concrete batching plants allow you to use ready mixed concrete in a smaller area. Before choosing this option, a good consultancy service should be obtained from the company that will install it. The engineers who will make the installation should analyze the construction site well. So, they calculate the required amount and configure the concrete batching plants.

There is no material difference between compact concrete batching plants and other concrete batching plants. The same quality, the same workmanship can be installed.

One Container to fits them all

Compact concrete batching plants that provide both space and low cost to your company are also called containerized batches.

Contrary to large concrete batching plants, it also provides a great advantage in transportation service. The bigger the plant, the farther the compact concrete batching plant you should transport. Unfortunately, the higher the shipping cost will be. However, thanks to compact concrete batching plants, you can minimize this expense item.

Our sponsor company Semix, has made a name for itself in the world. They are able to fit compact concrete batching plants in just one container. It makes installation easier and your concrete is produced where you need it.

Either single shaft or planetary type mixer can be used in compact concrete batching plants. The components that make up this concrete batching plant can be designed completely according to your needs.

You can examine a compact concrete batching plant here, and you can see its size that fits in a single container on the same page. For more information, you can contact us. And also you can read our article about how concrete batching plants work in general.

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