Bolted silos are a popular choice among businesses and industries that need storage solutions. These durable structures provide safe, secure storage of dry bulk materials such as grain, feed, cement and fertilizer. They have become increasingly popular due to their simple assembly process. And low cost of installation compared to traditional poured or block walls.

Manufactured from galvanized steel panels with factory applied coating for added protection against the elements. Bolted silos are designed for easy assembly onsite with minimal disruption. The panels fit together quickly and securely, allowing them to be assembled in a fraction of the time taken to construct concrete silos or other permanent structures. In addition, an experienced team can usually assemble most bolted silos within two days – making it much faster than traditional construction methods.


Silos have been used as a form of grain storage for centuries. But it is only in the last few decades that bolted silos have become popular. A bolted silo is a cylindrical structure, typically made from galvanized steel panels or sheets, which are connected and sealed together using high-tensile bolts. This type of silo has earned its place in history due to its cost-effectiveness and fast assembly time.

The earliest known use of a bolted silo was in the late 1800s by agriculturalist John Harvey Kellogg. He patented the idea for an ‘improved grain storage bin’ which used metal sheets and bolts to quickly construct large buildings for storing grain on his property.

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