Bearings in Concrete Mixers


Bearings in concrete mixers are important for the smooth functioning of the mixer. They help to reduce friction and heat buildup, which can damage the mixer. When selecting bearings for a mixer, it is important to consider the type of mixer, the operating conditions, and the materials to be mixed.

In conclusion, bearings are an important component of concrete mixers. They help to move the mixer drum and ensure that the concrete is properly mixed. It is important to choose the right type of bearing for your mixer, as this will help to ensure its longevity.


What’s concrete mixer?

Concrete mixers are an important piece of equipment for any construction site. It allows workers to mix large quantities of concrete quickly and easily, which can save time and money on a project. When choosing a concrete mixer, it is important to consider the size and power of the machine, as well as its ease of use.

In conclusion, It is used to mix cement, water, and aggregates together to create concrete. There are a variety of different types of mixers available, so it is important to select the right one for the job. Concrete mixers can be expensive, so it is important to make sure that they are used correctly and maintained properly to get the most out of them. (more)

Single Shaft Concrete Mixers

Mixers offer long life, as they are 5-10% heavier than most of their equivalents on the market today, due to their robust steel structure and thick interior abrasion proof linings. Single shaft mixers can be a good investment for those who need to combine and concrete. They are also easier to use for those with disabilities as there is no need to turn the handle and the mixer only has one speed.

The mixers designed in a single-shaft structure, are specially produced for our users who want to produce low-capacity concrete.


The History of Concrete

One of the most widely used materials in the world. A benefit is that has saved many lives by protecting people from natural disasters. First invented during ancient times when humans used lime cement to harden their homes.

Many people said that it was first used by Romans to build structures such as the Pantheon. It has been a building material for over 2000 years and since then, the use of the material has greatly increased.

Concrete is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is made from a combination of cement, sand, and gravel, and comes in a variety of colors and textures. There are many different types of concrete, so it is important to choose the right one for your project. Concrete is a durable material that will last for many years.

What are Types of Concrete? Why is Special Concrete Used?

The inability of conventional concrete to provide the desired properties in some cases necessitates the use of special concretes. In special concrete designs, it is aimed to change or improve some concrete properties. While some of these special types of concrete have been used in the construction industry for a very long time. Some of them are newly introduced to the concrete industry.(1)

Special types of concrete are as follows:

  • Heavy concrete,
  • shotcrete,
  • Concrete poured under water
  • prepact concrete,
  • polymer concrete

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